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It is necessary to perform comprehensive maintenance on the garden machinery after using it for a period of time

The garden machinery lawn mower needs to be fully maintained after a period of operation, and maintenance of some necessary components will prolong the service life of the machine. The carburetor is one of the main ones. In order for the lawn mower to start and operate, it is necessary to ensure that the carburetor is normal. Because the gasoline sold by many gas stations in the market today is of poor quality, adulterated and other factors. It is easy to produce oil residue, which may block the carburetor and cause oil circuit problems. When encountering such a problem, it is usually necessary to remove the carburetor. First, clean the oil stains on the surface, and then use clean gasoline to unscrew the screws on the carburetor and soak it in gasoline. The soaking time is about 30 minutes, and then use a clean brush to carefully tidy up, and then install the carburetor after such tidying up on the machine. Be careful not to use a screwdriver to unscrew the copper screws on it when cleaning. Through the maintenance of the carburetor, it is also of great help in the starting of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the carburetor frequently and perform specific maintenance on the carburetor.

Two classifications of chain saws: According to the type of saw handle, it can be divided into two types: high-branch chain saws and short-hand chain saws. The weight of the high-handled chainsaw on both arms is evenly distributed, it is easy to carry, does not need to bend heavily during operation, and the equipment is easy to repair. General operations such as wood, pruning, and lumber can be divided into large, medium, small and micro according to the engine power: large ones with more than 4.4 kilowatts; medium ones with 3 to 4 kilowatts; small ones with 1 to 2 kilowatts; 1.5 kilowatts The following are miniatures. The exact method of the chain saw is to use the left hand to zip the brake (brake handle) back to release the brake. When you hear a click, it means the chain is ready to roll on the guide. Note: If you do not release the brake and accelerator, it will seriously damage the key parts of the chain saw! Before operation, check the chain lubricating oil with the chain saw. Put the chainsaw on the tree trunk or the ground, and press the accelerator to the end. If there is an oil line, it means that the lubrication system is normal and the work can be started. CAUTION: Using a chainsaw with a lack of lubrication can severely damage guide bars, chains, sprockets and oil teeth, and even the engine! How to use and maintain the high-branch chainsaw - the starting of the Klawo engine 1. When starting, the choke door should be opened when the car is cold, and the choke door should not be needed when the car is hot. The garden high-branch chain saw should be manually pumped more than 5 times at the same time. . 2. Put the machine motor support and shackle on the ground, and stabilize it in a safe position. If necessary, place the shackle in a higher position. Remove the chain maintenance device, the high-branch chain saw accessories, and the chain can not touch the ground or other objects. 3. Choose a safe position to stand firmly, press the machine on the ground with your left hand at the fan casing, the thumb is under the fan casing, do not step on the maintenance pipe, and do not kneel on the machine.

Hedge trimmer: Hedge trimmer is a greening tool for trimming large-area hedges and modeling shrubs. There are two types of electric and oil-powered hedge trimmers. The oil-powered hedge trimmer is usually a two-stroke, using mixed oil, which is noisy and has certain exhaust gas. , but not affected by power distribution, which is convenient for field operations; electric type has low noise and no exhaust emission, which is relatively simple, but it is affected by early source distribution, and it is easy to cut off the wire during use. A hedge trimmer usually consists of a motor head, connecting rods, control rods and blades. The use of hedge trimmers has great dangers, and must be operated accurately according to the correct application methods to prevent accidents. The hedge trimmer refers to the cutting and rolling of the moving blade relying on a small gasoline engine as the power, so the use of the hedge trimmer requires the use of fuel. The following introduces the precautions for the use of the hedge trimmer fuel.

1. The recommended fuel for the hedge trimmer is engine oil and gasoline mixed with oil, which are flammable. Please do not refuel or store fuel in incinerators, burners, stoves, etc., where there are places where fires can start.

2. Don't smoke while doing homework or refueling.

3. If the fuel is spilled during refueling, the fuel attached to the body must be wiped clean before the engine can be started.

4. Seal the container after refueling, and then start the engine at a place more than 3 meters away from the fuel container.

5. When there is no fuel during use, you must first stop the advice machine and acknowledge that there is no cooking fire nearby before refueling.

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