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What do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of garden tools in the development of mechanization?

Urban development can not be separated from landscaping, so can not be separated from garden machinery. So why mechanization? 1. Security With the continuous improvement of the greening level, the pruning requirements are higher and higher. Trees need to be pruned 3-4 times a year when they are young and mature. In the aging stage, trees need to be renewed and pruned once every 2-3 years in the dormancy period. The pruning pressure is very high. In addition, it's hard and dangerous to work high above the trees, so it's hard to recruit tree workers. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a convenient aerial work platform to ensure the safety of the treemakers, which are all issues that must be considered.



Several aspects of judging the quality of electric pruning shears

How to use the electric pruning shears? The key is to look at its own quality. Even if the quality is not up to standard, the manager can not use it well. How to judge the quality of the electric pruning shears? The author summarizes the following points: 1. Look at the appearance quality of the electric pruning shears. Including color and workmanship, the color of high-quality electric pruning shears should be bright and uniform, and the workmanship should be meticulous, without defects such as burr and pit. It's more direct to see its appearance. 2. Judging the quality of the electric pruning shears by touch, the electric pruning shears should be smooth without scraping or uneven details.



In this way, the garden tools can be turned into art in the flowers!

If you have rusty or abandoned gardening tools in your home Don't rush to throw them away A little bit of a makeover It can be a good decoration See how others process waste gardening tools Let them become artworks in the yard~



What are the common gardening tools?

Garden tools must be familiar to all of us, but they are essential at home. What are the commonly used garden tools? What are the functions and characteristics of the garden set tools commonly used in our family? Let's follow the editor to introduce the family gardening set tools!



Jinhua to build a global electric garden tools production base, industry has begun to take shape, good momentum of development

In order to further integrate Jinhua's superior resources, cultivate and expand industrial clusters, and enhance regional competitiveness, the city's Electric Garden tool industry development conference and Jinhua Electric Garden Tool Industry Alliance Establishment Conference were held in Wuyi on October 22. According to the plan, we will strive to promote the development of Jinhua Electric (Garden) tool industry into a 100 billion level industry through three-year cultivation, and strive to build Jinhua into a global electric (Garden) tool production base and the world's third largest garden tool manufacturing center.



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